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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Beyond the Ordinary Management Firm

5M Property Management is a full-service property management firm with a track record of outperforming in the areas we serve. Our platform and team of industry experts allow our partners to concentrate on their investments while we maintain the property and improve asset value over time. Our consulting services complement our property management services and are accessible to all of our valued customers.

5M Real Estate focuses on managing Retail, Office, and Industrial facilities throughout the Chicago Land area. We work with all of our members to ensure that they are utilizing the best tools and practices.

5M Real Estate has a solid history of working as a Receiver with institutional owners of distressed properties. 5M Real Estate has acted as Receiver in over 50 properties in the Chicago Land area.

Apartment Building

Extraordinary Operations

Because of 5M's completely integrated platform, we can take a different approach to property management than our competitors. We start working with our development, investment, and asset management teams from the start of a project, not at the end. As the project progresses, we instill an ownership mindset in it, ensuring that resident happiness and operational efficiency are never overlooked. We create long-term success for our capital partners, residents, community members, and employees by delivering the ideal product-market fit through this approach.


  • Resident management and operations

  • Revenue management

  • Facilities management

  • Compliance and training

  • Employee recruitment and selection

  • Project management

  • Marketing and leasing

  • Budget management

  • Accounting services

  • New development lease-up

  • Expense and purchasing control

  • Sustainability and holistic health

Much More Than a Place to Live

At 5M, we believe that every decision we make should be based on the resident's experience. The places we offer are nothing more than conduits for our tenants' experiences. You get a recipe for high resident retention and a self-perpetuating reputation as best-in-class when you mix one-of-a-kind facilities, smart resident programming, and the unparalleled customer service that the 5M team curates. We tailor our approach to the individual.


5M's multi-family property management platform takes use of our best-in-class support departments to boost operational efficiency, resident happiness, and property-level financial success. 5M's subject matter specialists have created a scalable national management business at the forefront of growing multi-family trends, from innovation to team member training and development to sustainability and wellness. Regardless of the property type or market, our agile platform allows us to operate in a way compatible with client requirements.

Apartment Complex


Unparalleled Performance with Customized Solutions

Specialized knowledge and a varied set of abilities are required in the ever-changing managerial environment. 5M provides unrivaled experience and resources in the industry. We use our hands-on experience as an extension of our client's team to build a strategic plan for our client's investment, accurately guiding, observing, assessing, and making recommendations. We help our clients plan for the future by providing multi-family resources in addition to a comprehensive range of services.

Benchmarking & Market Research

To give an in-depth study of our client's asset's performance, our specialists will delve into local marketplaces and property-specific data. The final report includes a suggested unit mix, rental prices, amenity recommendations, and an experience-based operating budget based on previous data, resulting in a business offering that meets our client's and investor's goals.

Due Diligence

We will perform a complete review of an asset as a strategic partner to identify hidden costs and possibilities. Using our knowledge and experience to detect risks, 5M builds innovative and cost-effective solutions to offer our clients the information they need to make an objective decision.


Because of our extensive expertise with new developments, 5M is uniquely prepared to deliver early-stage advice services to clients. We analyze a project to locate the ideal off-site leasing center, create a lease-up pro-forma, and create a tailored marketing plan to generate higher returns through our comprehensive approach.

Operational Evaluation

The operational evaluation provided by 5M helps our clients to view the broad picture, highlighting asset strengths and areas for development. To understand how a property measures up, the process begins with a comprehensive analysis of data and documentation, as well as one-on-one interviews with onsite employees. Finally, our customers receive a report detailing the overall results as well as performance improvements, allowing them to better position their property in the marketplace.

Broker Pricing Opinions

Mark Reiter and the 5M team specializes in estimating the market value of existing properties based on unique characteristics, sales trends, and comparable properties. Size, use, zoning, location, condition, and macro factors influence the market prices for a property. Offering Broker Price Opinions help clients understand the environment for their property and the best pricing methodology.





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