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5M is recognized for its painstaking attention to detail, which is visible in every part of the properties we develop and the communities we create, from general contracting to design-build and everything in between. Our capital partners benefit from a wide range of in-house capabilities that provide unrivaled control, efficiency, and transparency.


Increasing the Value of a Project from Conception to Conclusion

Our methodology and well established industry contacts enable us to seize opportunities and respond promptly to rapidly changing market conditions. The 5M team is made up of experienced technical professionals who work on all phases of the development process to provide uniformity and control. We are dedicated to openness, quality, correctness, and creativity in all of our projects, from office buildings to industrial build-to-suit projects. We can add maximum value and improve the marketability and resilience of each asset using this method.

Site Selection & Feasibility
  • Risk Analysis

  • Estimates, Budgets, & Timelines

  • Market Research

  • Environmental & Geotechnical Assessments

  • Site Evaluations & Test Fits

  • Planning/Scheduling

  • Cost Estimation

  • Subcontractor Selection

  • General Contractor Sourcing

Construction Management
Design & Development
  • Selection and Management of Architects and Engineers

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Entitlement Process Management

  • Furnishings and Finishing

  • Design Development and Permit Procurement

  • Turnkey Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Closeout and Delivery

  • Transition Administration




5M is a pioneer in evaluating and developing new retail prospects. Companies like Chase, PNC, Wintrust, and US Bank have looked to us for excellent office space that reflects their culture and strengthens their brand. 5M specializes in build-to-suit properties that are tailored to the needs of the tenants. We can work within your budget and timetable, from site selection through design and construction.



Each 5M project is distinct, but they all have one thing in common: an aesthetic that displays pride of ownership while also appealing to a certain audience. We frequently resort to the original concept of the building when giving it new life, using recycled materials such as cedar from water towers and ornamental stone from facades. As a consequence, our creativity and enthusiasm pay off in the form of potential renters and purchasers.



5M is capable of both general contracting and development management. Whether it's a new building project or an office build-out, our experts can guide you through the whole process. We can efficiently manage your project from start to end by managing a team of our trusted subcontractors, from design planning to value engineering to opening your doors for business in your new premises.



We are, at our heart, creative thinkers, which comes in handy when constructing a building, setting up a transaction, or negotiating a lease. We are able to identify the right tenants for the right space thanks to our unrivaled industry connections. We take pleasure in the fact that we are renowned for our trustworthiness, capacity to deliver, and ability to make quick and effective decisions.



Property management specialists at 5M take pride in being exceptional custodians of our properties and the people who live in them. Quick response times and consistent availability for our tenants are a result of our customized, hands-on management approach and attention to detail.



5M understands the importance of having up-to-date market knowledge and a thorough understanding of the financial aspects of each project. We are prepared to operate in the best interests of our developments and investors, whether we are assessing a possible investment or lease. Superior execution and unrivaled outcomes are ensured by a full grasp of all operational facets of a transaction.

Sustainable Energy


Future-Oriented Construction

All of our assets at 5M are aimed at achieving good sustainability results. Our investing activities and decisions are driven by a comprehensive framework of policies and processes that help us improve predictability, transparency, and accountability. We're dedicated to tackling the environmental and social risks and repercussions of our activities, and we're looking into putting mitigation methods in place to minimize negative consequences for employees, communities, and the environment. We aim to enhance performance by discovering innovative ways to expand our business and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, as well as increasing good short- and long-term sustainability results.


Exceeding Expectations

Delivering and running resilient real estate is more critical than ever as demographic pressure grows in metropolitan areas across the world. Demand for smart and sustainable residential real estate is rising throughout all generations, from baby boomers to Gen Z. At 5M, we seek to create more successful, long-term communities that also produce outstanding benefits for our investors and residents. We take pride in our sustainability efforts not merely because it's "the right thing to do," but also because we see an opportunity to optimize our influence - to have a positive impact on current and future generations.

WIne Turbines

For All of its Business Activities, 5M Strives for Positive Sustainability Outcomes.



  • Improve the predictability, openness, and accountability of the company's investment activities and decisions;

  • Investigate the application of mitigation measures to predict, avoid, or limit negative consequences on employees, communities, and the environment; Address environmental and social risks and repercussions of its activities;

  • Improve its performance through discovering new business growth possibilities to get a competitive edge in the marketplace;

  • Increase the likelihood of favorable sustainability results on the ground.

Areas of Focus

  • Climate Change and Adaptation

  • Business and Human Rights

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Social Equality and Inclusion: Gender, Diversity and Minorities

  • Global Wellness Platform

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Sustainability Reporting

Financial Report


Collaboration at Every Level

The creation and administration of world-class developments, as well as the steady expansion of stakeholder involvement initiatives, have had a positive influence on society. Our resident engagement programs guarantee that our renters and residents actively participate in improving the environmental performance of our assets through sustainable behaviors and practices. We also require our suppliers to follow our Responsible Contractor Code of Conduct and Ethics in their business and procurement processes. 5M collaborates with a variety of organizations to improve the social effect of our operations in the areas where we do business.

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