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Brokerage Services

When it comes to selling property, 5M Real Estate has a single goal: to sell your property at the highest possible price to the best possible buyer in the shortest amount of time. Our confidence in our ability to deliver is based on our extensive and powerful marketing platform.


Repositioning Assets

As soon as you want to sell commercial real estate, we analyze and underwrite the property. We work with you to maximize the value of your property by repositioning the asset prior to the sale. Together with our leasing team and their specialized market knowledge, we build value into your property before we market the deal.

Discovering Underlying Value

We collaborate with you closely to combine first-hand knowledge of the property with our expertise in the local marketplace. This allows us to discover any underlying hidden value that might otherwise have been overlooked.


Innovative Marketing Techniques

In order to secure the best price for your property, we use a diverse suite of innovative marketing techniques that create maximum exposure for your asset, including but not limited to: print (we have deals with major newspapers nationwide), on-line marketing (Loopnet, Costar and MLS among others), brochures and postcards mailed to the databases of qualified buyers, and direct contact with buyers through the 1031 exchange database.

Making It Personal

With our intimate knowledge of every listed property, we develop specialized and customized marketing strategies that effectively target the most promising potential buyers. Once our marketing efforts generate interest, we continue to secure the best possible deal by creating a competitive bidding scenario among interested parties.


Largest Buyer Pool

In order to generate a quality field of potential buyers, we give you access to the thousands of investors who maintain relationships with our corporate sales force. From the moment a transaction is brought to the table, until the close of escrow, we manage that transaction with meticulous care. Our experienced professionals are proficient in foreseeing potential risks in a deal, and in eliminating and solving problems before they arise. Once the deal is complete, you can be sure that no other team would have worked harder to achieve the results you deserve.

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